Wednesday, April 13, 2011

A Birthday Card with Birds

This is a card I made for a neighbor of mine.  She loves birds and I had played around with this idea of a card using this set of stamps from Stampin' Up.  I had even tried it out using a different color but This one turned out SO much better!  It's hard to see the detail in th card but the cage was stamped and embossed in silver on the card itself then stamped and embossed on a piece of acetate and cut out.  The little bird was cut out and glued on the cage on the card and then the acetate cage was glued over him to make it look like he was in the cage.  Silver thread was used to make the cage appear to be hanging.  The blue edging around the border of the card front was trimmed from a piece identical to the card front, only it was blue and I put Crystal Effects (a liquid that makes it raised and shiny for those that are unaware of what Crystal Effects is) over the blue edge.  All products used were Stampin' Up.
My neighbor was very happy with the card and I was both happy with the card and pleased that she was happy with it.

Sunday, April 10, 2011

The Baby Blue Card In Pink

Here is the card I mentioned in my last post of the blue baby card, only this is the card in pink.  There are only a few subtle differences, such as the size of the dots in the background and there is a heart on the front of the onesie versus a turtle.  I personally liked the blue card better because of the smaller dots, this card was made using all Stampin' Up products.  It was also for a friend having a baby, but as you can guess, this was a girl!  Which do YOU like best?